General SharePoint Questions/Issues

This service can be used to submit questions/issues for Inside.NDUS, the NDUS SharePoint Online environment, or any of the SharePoint ancillary systems.

If you are getting access denied errors, please submit a request for permissions here: SharePoint Permissions Request

Common Login Issues

  • Inside.NDUS uses ADFS to authenticate users with thier NDUS credentials. These are the same credentials you use to use to log into TeamDynamix, Campus Soulutions, ServiceNOW, etc. If you have forgotten your password or need to change the password for your NDUS account, please visit the NDUS Helpdesk.
  • SharePoint Online uses your Office365 credentials to authenticate. These would be the same credentials you use to login into the Office365 Portal or to Outlook.

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer is the recommended browser for using SharePoint and various other Microsoft products. SharePoint is also supported for the various major browsers, i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. If you are having issues in SharePoint, try it in Internet Explorer and see if the issue persists.
  • On Mac computers, Safari is the officially supported browser. Other browsers still work for common tasks, but if you are having issues, try it in Safari and see if the issue persists.


  • Team Site - Team sites are a page behind the landing page that only the members of the team have access to.
  • Landing Page - This is the public "face" of the SharePoint Site. This area is for anything you want all of NDUS to be able to access and view.
  • Document Library - Document libraries are where files are stored in SharePoint. These can hold pretty much any type of file(see exclusions in links).
  • Metadata - Metadata is information that is associated with a file. This can be any information and is generally used to aid in searching and filtering of items.


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