UND Network Connection

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Please fill out this form in order to request the activation of a networking connection. Information we will ask you to provide includes the following:

  • Building
  • Room Number
  • Port Information
  • Network Name


Switch/Port Information

To speed up your request, please utilize CDP to provide the switch and port information:

CDPR is used to get the switch information that a specific port is connected to. We do this if we need to move a port to a specific VLAN network. It listens for an update packet from the switch which broadcasts every 60 seconds. Once cdpr gets the packet, it dumps the information into a .csv file for viewing in Excel or other programs.

To install:

To use:

  • Navigate to the cdpr_v2 directory 
    • Example: c:\cdpr_v2
  • Run cdpr.bat
  • It will list all the network adapters available on the computer. Enter the interface you want to use. This will most likely be the Ethernet adapter
  • Wait for the switch information to be broadcasted
  • Enter a Tag. This is the Port and Plate number you are connected, to along with building and room number
  • Press any key to continue
  • Open log.csv (also in the cdpr_v2 directory) to make sure it got the information and tagged it correctly
    • Example: c:\cdpr_v2\log.csv

Notes/Known Issues:
If you are going to be using the same adapter every time, you can edit the batch file to auto select a specific adapter. This can be done by using the –d flag and inputting the device number.

Example Batch File

Request Service


Service ID: 12516
Mon 3/7/16 1:30 PM
Fri 1/17/20 3:41 PM