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Submit a 1901.3 request. For additional information and the process for submitting a request for approval, see SBHE Policy 1901.3 and NDUS Procedure 1901.3. More information can be found on the NDUS website under the Policy & Procedures section.

Use for requesting changes to Academic Structure

Use this service to request access be added/changed/removed in Ad Astra

Use this service for building & facility requests, and batch import/export requests and other Ad Astra requests

Service includes but not limited to: VPN requests, password reset, locked non-dotted user id accounts, etc.

Use this form to request support for various enterprise-level software applications managed by Enterprise Services Applications.

Use for General Requests, Multiple EMPLIDs, External Org (Schools/Businesses) Codes, Service Indicators, etc. that are for the Campus Connection team.

Used for submission of Vendor Service Requests for Campus Solutions third-party systems.

Department Request for Data Entry/File/Documentation

Use this form to request DNS changes

Use this form to submit a request for general assistance, inquiry or for security access.

Use this service for general requests and tickets with FAMIS

Please fill out this form when requesting a file/folder restore.

This form is intended as a general communication path for site users with questions or comments about the construction, organization, or elements of the NDUS TeamDynamix portal.

If you can't find a service for what you're requesting, please use this general service.