Report an Incident

What is an incident?

An incident is defined as an unplanned interruption of a service or reduction in the quality of a service. In other words, something is not working correctly or as expected.

What incidents can be reported using this form?

Any incident occurring with a CTS-managed application, system, or service should be reported using this form, including (but not limited to) login issues, application pages not loading, system reports not running, etc.

Checklist of troubleshooting tips to review prior to reporting an incident using this form:
  • Can you replicate the issue using a different browser?
  • Have other users indicated they are having the same issue?
  • Have you tried using a different computer?
  • Have you restarted your computer and tried again?
What information should be reported on the form?
  1. All form fields are important and should be completed as requested. Help text is displayed under each field to indicate what information is needed.
  2. Attach any screen shots or other documentation that may aid in troubleshooting the issue.
  3. Add additional contacts who should be notified of updates regarding the incident being reported.
  4. Provide as much information as possible about the incident within the Details section of the form:
    • What happened?
    • What were you (or the affected user) trying to do when the issue occurred?
    • What was the date/time when the issue was first experienced?
    • Can the issue be replicated? If so, how?
    • What operating system and/or browser were used when the issue occurred?
    • Is the issue affecting a particular user only? If so, what is the EMPLID and/or User ID?
    • Is the issue related to a specific course in Blackboard? If so, what is the Course ID?
Getting started:

To report an incident, click the Report Incident button on this page; complete the form fields as directed.

Report Incident


Service ID: 51959
Mon 3/28/22 3:45 PM
Tue 10/3/23 8:40 AM