Academic Structure Requests

Please use this form for requesting of the following structure changes in Campus Connection:

Academic Program Changes

Academic Plan Changes

Academic Sub-Plan Changes

Academic Organizations

Academic Subjects

Changes to Grading Schemes



  • SBHE Policy - Academic Program Requests 403.1
  • NDUS Procedure - Announcement of New Academic Program Exploration 403.1 A
  • NDUS Procedure - New Academic Program Request 403.1 B
  • NDUS Procedure - Creation of New Course Prefix 403.1 C
  • NDUS Procedure - Academic Program Title or CIP Code Change 403.1 D
  • NDUS Procedure - Change of Academic Program Degree Type 403.1 E
  • NDUS Procedure - Announcement of Academic Program Inactivation 403.1 F
  • NDUS Procedure - Academic Program Termination 403.1 G


Please note:  CTS Personnel will verify that any request that requires approval has through the full 403.1 process before proceeding. If you are submitting multiple updates (i.e. multiple sub plan requests), please select the request type and upload an attachment with the changes requested.

Academic Structure Requests


Fri 11/9/18 3:55 PM
Mon 6/15/20 2:48 PM