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Submit form to report an incident to CTS.

Use for General Requests, Multiple EMPLIDs, External Org (Schools/Businesses) Codes, Service Indicators, New Development Requests, etc. that are for the Campus Connection team.

Use this form to request support for various enterprise-level software applications managed by Enterprise Services Applications.

Used for general requests to the NDUS CTS HCM team

Use this form to submit a request for general assistance, inquiry or security access.

Use this service to open a Financial System Support ticket to the NDUS CTS FIN team.

Can't find what you're looking for? Submit a request here

Request a change or activation of a Network Connection

If you can't find a service for what you're requesting, please use this general service.

Submit a request to the Information & Data Executive Governance (IDEG) for data model, dataset, report, and dashboard developments, access to an existing data model or dataset, or for general Power BI comments and questions.

Request a new VPN group or revise an existing VPN group. VPN group additions or changes need approval.

This form is intended as a general communication path for site users with questions or comments about the construction, organization, or elements of the NDUS TeamDynamix portal.

Request the creation of a firewall rule or rules

Electronic form solution for PeopleSoft application

Use this service for additions or changes to Security Services including DUO, LastPass Password Manager, InfosecIQ, GlobalSign (SSL Certificates), Spiron, Tenable.io, or others not listed.

Use for requesting changes to Academic Structure

Use this form to request access be added/changed/removed for T2/Parking

Use this service for building & facility requests, new reports, edit room characteristics, and batch import/export requests and other Ad Astra requests

If a physical or virtual server in the NDUS environment is no longer needed, use this form to request that it be removed from service.

This request is used to add, change, or remove VPN access for all services EXCEPT Perceptive Content for a Campus or CTS employee. To request VPN access for a Non-NDUS Employee please use the NDUS Personnel or Consultants Access Request below.

Use this form to request DNS changes

Use this service to request access be added/changed/removed in Ad Astra

Please fill out this form when requesting a file/folder restore.