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Submit a 1901.3 request. For additional information and the process for submitting a request for approval, see SBHE Policy 1901.3 and NDUS Procedure 1901.3. More information can be found on the NDUS website under the Policy & Procedures section.

Use this service to request access be added/changed/removed in Ad Astra

Use this service for building & facility requests, and batch import/export requests

Use for general requests to the Campus Solutions team

Use this form to request access be added/changed/removed for Conduct Coordinator

Submit general questions or project requests

Submit user/security group requests

New developments, enhancements, or support for software developed and maintained by Enterprise Services

Please fill out this form when requesting a file/folder restore.

Request the creation of a firewall rule or rules

This form is intended as a general communication path for site users with questions or comments about the construction, organization, or elements of the NDUS TeamDynamix portal.

For reporting issues or asking questions about the NDUS SharePoint environment

Use this form to request access be added/changed/removed for Housing Director 4

External Ticket for DPI data requests to NDUS IR staff

If you can't find a service for what you're requesting, please use this general service.
Examples: Firewall changes, DNS changes, static IP changes, etc.